The Search Process

Finding the right combination of qualifications, experience, and chemistry is rare, but if you have access to the best candidate pool, the chances of finding that "diamond in the rough" makes it much easier.

Storevik Financial Search and Associates, Inc. created long standing relationships throughout the years which have provided us the strongest referral system in the industry.

As a candidate, we will review your resume and qualifications and compare them with our open search positions. Next, you will be contacted for specific details as to what consulting areas you wish to pursue and why you feel you have the qualifications for these positions. After a phone interview, we will match our clients’ needs with your capabilities and experience. The employment market will be discussed with you and any questions regarding compensation, location preferences, or other questions you may have will be answered. Then you will be confidentially presented to the appropriate firms who we determine will offer you the best opportunity. If the client expresses an interest in you, we will inform you of the firm's name and the position. If you have interest, we will formally present you to the firm(s) and set up an interview(s). As the process continues, we will assist you in receiving all the information you need to make a decision if an offer is extended to you.

SFSA is very knowledgeable of its global clients, and the specific consulting areas each offer in their specific markets. Our advice can save you many hours of research and substantially streamline your search efforts.

All of our fees are paid by our clients and there are absolutely no charges to our candidates.